Civil Litigation

Civil Litigation

Civil litigation refers to a civil dispute between two parties where one
party (the Plaintiff) who is seeking money or some other kind of
remedy (damages) from another party

In detail…

Civil Litigation refers to a civil dispute between two parties, namely the Plaintiff who is seeking money or some other kind of remedy (damages) from another party (the Defendant), when their dispute is referred to court for a Judge or a Magistrate to make a decision (unless a settlement is agreed upon between the parties before the court can make a decision)

Our Civil litigation department is handled by our Andre Podbielski and
with more than 40 years of experience in civil litigation, Andre
Podbielski is truly an expert in civil litigation.
Andre Podbielski is assisted by Louis Botha as well as a formidable
team of qualified professional assistants, paralegals and investigators.

Podbielski Incorporated has been extensively involved in the ever-changing area of labour law and we offer cost effective and innovative
advice on all aspects of employment, human resources, related
legislation and the employment relationship. We also assist clients on a
regular basis at the CCMA, labour court and other labour forums.
Over the years, we have successfully represented our clients in civil
litigation matters in court that includes (but is not limited) the following
areas of law:

• Matrimonial and family law

• Law of contract

• Motor vehicle accident damages-claims

• Personal injury law

• Law of delict (claims for damages)

• Labour law disputes

• Insurance law

• Mining and resources law

• Commercial law

• Construction law

• Engineering law