After we received a court order/ settlement offer that was accepted we will immediately request payment of the money due to you from the Road Accident Fund.

The Road Accident Fund will make two payments in this matter, namely as follows:

  1. Payment of the Capital/ Settlement amount as per the Court order. (also referred to as “Court Order Amount”)
  1. Payment of the taxed party and party legal costs after finalization of the taxation.

It will usually take approximately 180 days for the RAF to make the first payment of the capital/ settlement amount.  Once the RAF is in default on their payment, a warrant of execution is issued and served by the Sheriff against the RAF.

We will do everything in our power to make sure that the RAF pay as soon as possible.

With regards to the second payment of the taxed party and party legal costs, kindly take note that first our file and the file of our High Court correspondent will be sent to our cost consultant who will draft a bill of cost.  Thereafter we will request a date from court to finalize the taxation of the costs.  On the date of taxation our cost consultant will attend court to finalize the taxation.  Only thereafter can we proceed to request payment of the taxed party and party legal costs from the RAF.

Thereafter the same process will follow and the RAF will usually make payment of the taxed party and party legal costs in more or less 180 days.

In terms of our fee agreement, all fees and disbursements are deducted from the first available funds and the difference is paid to the client as a first payment.

Once we receive the taxed party and party legal costs; a second and final payment is made to our client which, if added to the first payment, will ensure that the client receives no less than 75% of the capital/ settlement/ court order amount as agreed with us in our fee agreement.

Please be assured that we will do everything in our power to ensure that payments are made to our clients as soon as possible.  For any payment queries, kindly contact us on 057 352 8805.

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