One of our friendly team members will contact you before the court dates/ trial date and provide you with all the travelling arrangements and relevant details in this regard.

On the court dates/ trial date one of our professional assistant team members will meet you at our offices where you will travel with us to court.  Alternatively, if you prefer to make use of your own transport, our team member will meet you at court at a time and place as agreed with yourself before the court date.

Our professional assistant will then accompany you to court where you will also meet our High Court correspondent attorney as well as our Advocate who forms part of our legal team and who will all be dedicated to your case to ensure the best possible outcome in court.

Our legal team will ensure that each client’s individual needs are addressed and protected at court.

Should there be an offer of settlement from the RAF, then our legal team will explain the offer to you and will advise you on whether it is in your best interest or not to accept the offer.

Should the offer not be acceptable, then the matter will be allocated for trial and we will proceed with your case in court.

Should the offer be acceptable and our client accepts the offer, then the offer will be made an order of court and the matter will be finalised on that basis.

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