Third Party Accident Claims

The process of instituting Third Party Claims against the Road Accident Fund is shortly as follows:

third party claims

After the receipt of instruction, all the appropriate claim documents are requested from the different institutions to enable us to compile and lodge the claim in accordance with the Road Accident Fund Act. The mentioned documents are the Statutory Medical Report, Hospital Records and / or Clinical Notes, SAPS Accident Report, a copy of the identity document, copy of the claimant's affidavit, etc.

After receipt of these documents, compiling and lodgement of the Third Party Claim then follows.

From the date of lodgement of the claim, the Road Accident Fund has a period of 120 days in which to investigate and do their own merits-assessment with regard to the accident as well as claim on hand. In the said 120 days investigation period, a letter will be received from the Road Accident Fund, requesting some further documentation from the claimant, which should be answered as soon as possible.

On prescription of the 120 day investigation period, the Road Accident Fund is then placed on terms with regards to furnishing us with their favourable settlement offer. Failing to adhere to those terms, we will immediately proceed to issue Summons against the Road Accident Fund and proceed with Litigation in order to obtain an offer from the Road Accident Fund.

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